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Friday 16th September 2020

Friday 30th September 2020




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Why Is Dance So Important?

In these stressful times that we're living in, more than ever dancing and movement

either physically or virtuallyhas become so necessary in

maintaining mental and emotional wellness in both children and adults alike.

Are you wanting fresh ideas to bring your team or community together?


Have you got a kid's event and want something different from the bouncy castle?


Are you wanting a fun alternative to the gym for your weight loss journey?


Do you need dancers or technical support for your music video or event?


Do you want a fun and safe activity to add to your after-school programme?


Are you wanting help in building your children's academic confidence?

If your answer to any of these is YES, then get in touch now



Community and Learning Coordinator,

West Lea School

"I work in a special needs school and was impressed that the workshops included movement that catered to those with disability..."

Dance With Us


As well as teaching our open classes physically in-person, we are now offering a virtual alternative of this service, where you can learn and participate from the comfort of your own home.




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